Poko-AL is one of the major assembly companies in Poland in terms of mounting the aluminum-glass facades. Many years of experience gained on the domestic and foreign market, and projects which we have done together with our business partners prepaired us to take the most difficult challenges.


During the many years together with our customers we gained lots of experience. We also assist them in the design of complicated technological solution.


We have assembled glass domes at Złote Tarasy in Warsaw as well as fitted facade at office part. We have also assembled facade at Horizon Plaza in Warsaw, so-called “bell” at Westin Hotel, Hotel Continental, World Trade Centre (Daewoo Centre) and many more.


In Germany we have realized many interesting projects such as assemble of stainless steel sheets with very interesting geometry on BMW Welt at Munchen. Lately, we have finished up with Opernturm in Frankfurt am Main project. In Sweden, we have assembled self-manufactured ­­­windows at Arjang and now we are coming up to finnish of fitting self-manufactured aluminum windows at office building Pennfaktaren in centre of Stockholm.


We kindly invite You to take a look at Project Gallery.